“Betcha by Golly Wow”

-Full of wonder and surprise and…
Betcha by golly wow! (wow!) (wow!)

Prince – Betcha by Golly, Wow – Emancipation


Whenever anyone shares their work their generosity always amazes me.  Teachers on twitter,in particular, are so kind and helpful. This is because most have one thing in common; they all want children up and down the country to succeed. And it’s their generosity with ideas, knowledge and kindness that always makes me think “wow”!

So, this blog as well as a few other recent ones “Baby I’m a Star (my most requested resources) “Extraordinary” (my best twitter steals) “Gold” (my not such good ideas)  is another little way of me saying thank you. To be fair my folders may not help you at all, maybe just helped me sticking in one place, but I hope it does help.

One thing about planning that can take time is finding articles or extracts, so below are links to some (hopefully) useful folders with a load of articles or extracts in them. Each folder is a working progress so I will continue to add to them.

If you have any documents you want to add please find me on Twitter (@FKRitson) and I can add you to the dropbox account. Also @Xris32 has a collection of 19c texts to use with the new AQA spec – if you have anything to add drop him a line too!

I repeat, these are all working documents, so I am constantly adding, re-naming or plain sorting- I’m aware some are a little untidy! They will get tidier as now they are ‘public’.

1) List of theorists

This is for AS/A-Level English teachers, a table of some theorists.

2) Articles (19c)

Some non fiction articles to help with AQA new spec – I am in process of trying to catalogue by date then brief description of what each is about (big job, going slowly)!

3) Modern articles

Mainly from The Guardian – but lots of articles that you ‘could’ pair up with non-fiction 19c articles. The same as (2) I will slowly sort these with better titles.

4) Extracts for analysis

Extracts for normal classroom analysis from classic and modern literature. I have sorted these in author then book. These may be fiction or non-fiction.  Please help me add to this!

There are over 300 extracts here:


Below you’ll find a link to lots of resources for the new AQA spec language and literature. I need to make it clear that this has been made possible by the kind and very generous Twitter #TeamEnglish staff that have all agreed to allow me to post their resources here in one place. Please help yourself… but what would be even better is to help us by adding to it!

5) AQA Language resources

6) AQA Literature resources

7) AQA Extract booklets (via AQA)

8) AQA Short Stories (old spec……)

If any of you can remember the old AQA Sunlight on the Grass Anthology (spec  4705 I think), they were a collection of short stories for GCSE students. Well, below is a link to each one and resources AQA kindly made up for each one. When you follow this link, there are 12 folders, in each folder is the short story, word and PDF (except Flight – will have to see what’s happening there) and you will find a bunch of teaching resources for the story. Enjoy!

9) Questioning Templates

Andy Tharby (@atharby) an English teacher. Co-writer of Making Every Lesson Count has kindly tweeted the following questioning templates. They will help with AQA structure and evaluation questions:

 10) Glossary of Terms

Various glossaries – GCSE, A-Level and others I’ve acquired!

11) Sentence Starters

Again over time I’ve collected these, some are mine – some aren’t. I will try to credit those that are not mine.

12) Speaking & Listening Resources

Again, from kind generosity of other teachers I have started to collect some S&L resources.

13) Links to other blogs with free resources!

Here are some links to other blogs with kindly donated free English resources (I will add to this as I remember them!:

  • Mrs Legg English– A few revision ideas for the AQA GCSE English Literature and Language legacy spec
  • anewhoffod – lots of freebies – you will have to search blogs! But several very good booklets to be downloaded!
  • Free Stuff For English Teachers – some well-received resources – free!


24 thoughts on ““Betcha by Golly Wow”

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  2. Hi you have an amazing site but I am finding it difficult to find the example question for paper 2 question five. Please could you lead me in the right direction.
    Thank you


  3. Hi,

    This all looks great, however, my school chose Edexcel… is there anyone you know creating resources for this ?

    It would be so appreciated!



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  6. Hello there. I’ve mocked up loads of specimen Paper 1A and full Paper 2s for the new AQA Language spec and uploaded them to TES website, free of charge, as Word documents accompanied by SMART Notebook slides for teaching Q by Q on the interactive whiteboard. My username on TES is Mathew-Lynch feel free to add them to your resource bank!


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