“The Question of U”

What do I look 4, what shall I do?
Which way do I turn when I’m feeling lost?

Prince – The Question of U – Graffiti Bridge


Lately every time I want to ask something my first ‘go to’ is twitter. To be perfectly honest I say the word ‘twitter’ that much in my department I’m surprised nobody has took a swipe at me!  I believe I say ‘last night on twitter’, ‘on twitter’, ‘XYZ tweeted’ … etc etc at least once a day. I do try not to say it sometimes. Regardless, every time I feel unsure or want to ask a question, it’s the place I turn to when I am feeling lost!

Below are screen shots of lists or collections of information gathered from various ‘edu tweeters’ when I’ve asked for help.

Is this worthy of a blog?

Well, I think so yes. Recently I tweeted two of these lists and between them received approx 500 RT/favs. Great! But what happens when the dust settles, and time moves on? They get forgotten.

So for future reference or new followers, or simply people that missed them the first time around. Here is a collection of some lists I tweeted that many found interesting.

1) Interventions/Strategies

I tweeted out asking for help with different strategies for KS3. This was a collection of all suggestions tweeted to me:


2) Year 11 Revision Bags

I tweeted out asking ‘what would YOU put in a year 11 revision bag? This was a collection of all responses. Several tweeters have trailed these and they appear successful with year 11 students.


3) A concise list to my Blogs

Because I am aware I get new followers all the time, I cut and paste a list of my blogs for easy reference – this was oddly well received and even sparked off an idea to create a list of blogs for English teachers (An English Teachers’ Bibli-blography). I do recommend bloggers do this – or even their most popular blogs. Just tweet out your most popular or informative blogs. Teachers qualify all the time and the information many tweeters blog about is useful, informative and often very up-to-date. Keep those blogs going!


4) “If Carlsberg made…”

I spend my entire time teaching units, which are linked to assessment objectives or end of unit tests. In frustration one day I tweeted out this list; my ideal KS3 curriculum (7 & 8). All of these have ‘real’ end results, none are just a unit students do – every one produces a real letter or task which is sent off or leads somewhere. I will use some of these ideas to run a creative after school club for students from Sept!


5) Ways to Mark (without marking)

This is a total ‘cheat’ as this came from   blog Marking is a hornet but in my defence I did ‘tweet’ this image out, with a link to Joe’s page! All teachers know that they can soon drown under a pile of books: read the blog!


6) Teens in literature

I put together the following list of teens across literature for a SOW, but was annoyed that my list wasn’t particularly very diverse… in any way.ClBkDNGWAAAAmhh

So I called to twitter for help, again! Besides the list and SOW going down a treat with other English teachers – below is a list of all the extra teens I was given. I found extracts and used many of these characters in class – thanks twitter! Below is a cut&paste of the tweets as they rolled in… ignore any SPaG issues!



7) Variations of the well loved/hated PEE structure

My HOD asked me to turn to twitter for ways of developing student analytical writing. PEE paragraphs can help some students structure their work, but it can also hinder other students from confident and sophisticated writing. This was the response from other teachers:


You can download the document here if you want it – some lovely edu-tweeters also suggested some blogs which I’ve added on the end.


8) Beautiful extracts to analyse

Recently Freya @fod3 sent out the following tweet:


Off the back of all the responses I cut/paste into a list for myself and anyone else! These are helpful with the new AQA spec for Paper 1.


9)  List of literacy events / Awareness days


List of literacy Events / Awareness dates

10) World Book Day

Not wanting to do the same old thing, I did a quick #AskTeamEnglish and as always…this is what they came up with:


That’s it for now, but if I make up any more ‘lists’ that are gathered and gleaned from twitter not only will I tweet it…! But I will also upload here.

Thank you to everyone for contributing their ideas.



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