The Importance of Connecting Things in English

Mrs Miller-Coast

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a teacher in possession of excellent subject knowledge, is the master of such knowledge because they are always seeking to expand upon it. I believe that, in English, excellent subject knowledge is not gained from reading more literature alone; it’s reading, writing, watching and listening to more, more, more! More of everything, across all disciplines. Strong subject knowledge is one thing. Strong subject knowledge plus the ability to connect your subject to other domains of knowledge, in order look at things differently and detect alterantive elements of significance,well that’s just about the best resource a teacher can have. IMHO.

I’ve never felt ‘smart’. I’ve always felt intimidated by the intellectof others, and these feelings did not disperseduring, or after completing my degree. In fact, it probably worsened because I felt I should know and understand more. In reality, I was still scratching my…

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