Tips for Non-fiction writing/reading

Help, tips and assistance for students. This blog is part of a range specifically for students and can be found, along with others, under Student GCSE Blogs.

Below are some useful lists to help you when reading/analysing/writing non-fiction texts.

Try to answer these questions to help you understand the text:

  1. Who do you think is the intended audience?
  2. What is the purpose of the text?
  3. What form is the text written in?
  4. What type of language is used in the text?
  5. Who is the narrator?
  6. Have they used any techniques/methods?
  7. Has the structure of the text contributed to meaning?
  8. What is the mood/tone of the article?
  9. What atmosphere is created for the reader?
  10. Do you think this is a (*enter topic* eg survival) story?
  11. If so, why (or why not)?


Here’s a downloadable table of Paper 2 expectations (minimum/detailed expectations)


Thank you for reading.

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