Condition Of The Heart

“Acting out a whim is only good
For a condition of the heart”

Prince – Condition Of The Heart – Around The World In A Day


The year after Prince released Purple Rain, he followed it up with the fabulous Around the World in a Day. As a fan, I loved it, and one of my favourite tracks was and continues to be Condition of the Heart: It’s beautiful.  When it comes to books, like albums, we can’t help but have our favourites. Ones that appeal to us more than others. These are all the novels/books I’ve read this year. When the year is up, I will review my favourites. Some were just a joy to read!

For a list of my favourite Young Adult books:  Superhero

Books I’ve read in 2019 …

books 2019.PNG



Books I read in 2018 – A year of reading dangerously!






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