I am yours now and you are mine
And together we’ll love through all space and time, so don’t cry

Prince – 7 – Symbol


A few resources you may find useful!

Links after image screenshot.


5 min KS3 starters

40 ppt with 4 or 5 simple English language focused lesson starters.


KS3 Starters


Character Descriptions

A ppt full of character descriptions to help with creative writing.


Character Descriptions


Up-grade your literature essays!

A word grid document to help year11 use more focused language in their essays.


Upgrade your Vocab (word)



Literature Extracts (for a display)

Over 40 extracts/quotes that can be used for a display to either highlight a technique or text.


Extracts for Display

Features of a Non-Fiction Text

A handy A4 guide of basic features for different transactional writing:


features of non-fiction texts (word)

features-of-non-fiction-texts PDF


Features of a Fiction Text

A handy A4 guide of basic features for creative writing conventions:


Features of creative writing PDF


AQA Style of questions

A handy guide with the basic style of questions for KS4 to help you make up your own!


Style of questions

Style-of-questions PDF


Understanding the AO’s!

A handy guide for NQTs to help understand those pesky AOs


Teacher AO booklet

Teacher-AO-booklet PDF


Suggested Tasks

I made this as a list of tasks in the event students finish their work early, also to save copying, and the best bit – tasks that can be used with any text.


Teacher Suggested Tasks

Teacher-Suggested-Tasks PDF


A Christmas Carol Starters

A few basic starters, you can use as you go along, or revisit.


ACC Starters


An Inspector Calls Starters

A collection of starters for the play


AIC Starters


Macbeth Starters

A collection of starters for Macbeth


Macbeth Starters


General language/literature starters

A few more basic language or technique starters


KS4 starters


How to Translate Emotions into Written Body Language


Link to my Student GCSE blog for resource:  Emotions & Body Language



I’ve made up this mini S&L guide/PDF for students to help them through their spoken language element. Thank you to for sharing his PPT and ideas for S&L.

Student Speaking and Listening booklet PDF






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    • Thank you, so nice of you to say so! On my home page I list all blogs and many other resources across blogs, and if you check out the GCSE page, there are some nice resources there too (less on Alevel).
      Thank you.


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