I am yours now and you are mine
And together we’ll love through all space and time, so don’t cry

Prince – 7 – Symbol


A few resources you may find useful!  Links to resource are after image screenshot.

Collection of nonfiction writing (articles, blogs, reviews etc)

I’ve collected these from exam packs, online etc and put in one place.

There are 3 to download



Index/titles of articles

Articles 1 of 3

Articles 2 of 3

Articles 3 of 3



Anthology of (unusual) narratives

This anthology has been compiled to give students a glimpse into different/unusual narratives, or perspectives and/or different genres – that’s why I’ve only used small sections. Most of the extracts are online, so if you want more… Google them!


Anthology of narrative voices (word)

Anthology of narrative voices (PDF)


Anthology of non-fiction voices (transactional writing) extracts

This anthology has been compiled to give students a glimpse into different perspectives and/or different genres – again, that’s why I’ve only used small sections. Most of the extracts are online, so if you want more… Google them!


Anthology of nonfiction texts (word)

Anthology of nonfiction texts (PDF)


Transactional Writing (non-fiction) Templates –


Nonfiction Literacy templates – Word

Nonfiction Literacy templates – PDF

Career posters for English Language and literature – Alevels


Where can Alevels take you

Edexcel DIRT tasks

A set of editable DIRT tasks for students – please be aware I rushed these, there may be some typos! I will correct these and reupload if there are any!






5 min KS3 starters

40 ppt with 4 or 5 simple English language focused lesson starters.


KS3 Starters


Character Descriptions

A ppt full of character descriptions to help with creative writing.


Character Descriptions


Up-grade your literature essays!

A word grid document to help year11 use more focused language in their essays.


Upgrade your Vocab (word)



Literature Extracts (for a display)

Over 40 extracts/quotes that can be used for a display to either highlight a technique or text.


Extracts for Display

Features of a Non-Fiction Text

A handy A4 guide of basic features for different transactional writing:


features of non-fiction texts (word)

features-of-non-fiction-texts PDF


Features of a Fiction Text

A handy A4 guide of basic features for creative writing conventions:


Features of creative writing PDF


AQA Style of questions

A handy guide with the basic style of questions for KS4 to help you make up your own!


Style of questions

Style-of-questions PDF


Understanding the AO’s!

A handy guide for NQTs to help understand those pesky AOs


Teacher AO booklet

Teacher-AO-booklet PDF


Suggested Tasks

I made this as a list of tasks in the event students finish their work early, also to save copying, and the best bit – tasks that can be used with any text.


Teacher Suggested Tasks

Teacher-Suggested-Tasks PDF


A Christmas Carol Starters

A few basic starters, you can use as you go along, or revisit.


ACC Starters


An Inspector Calls Starters

A collection of starters for the play


AIC Starters


Macbeth Starters

A collection of starters for Macbeth


Macbeth Starters


General language/literature starters

A few more basic language or technique starters


KS4 starters


How to Translate Emotions into Written Body Language


Link to my Student GCSE blog for resource:  Emotions & Body Language



I’ve made up this mini S&L guide/PDF for students to help them through their spoken language element. Thank you to for sharing his PPT and ideas for S&L.

Student Speaking and Listening booklet PDF



15 thoughts on ““7”

  1. Thank you so much for all this…I am using the ‘spare’ time I have without marking to do some subject knowledge learning. This is all amazingly useful. Thanks again.


  2. Loving the Prince theme, being a massive fan too.

    I am a functional skills teacher and the letter layout etc. I think are fantastic, thank you for sharing.


  3. These blogs and resources are fantastic. Thank you for sharing your fabulous stuff! I saw a very recent tweet where you had a picture of your transactional writing pieces annotated for your high school. Are these available to be shared? They looked so snazzy but streamlined!


    • Thank you, so nice of you to say so! On my home page I list all blogs and many other resources across blogs, and if you check out the GCSE page, there are some nice resources there too (less on Alevel).
      Thank you.


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