Within the murky depths of the PEA…


3882484175_d3b41db9be_bThere has been a lot of discussion on Twitter recently about the many variations of PEE/PEA, and @FKRitson has very helpfully summarised numerous versions  floating around in the following post:here.

I don’t want to get in to the debate of whether scaffolds are a good thing or not, nor do I want to examine alternatives in this post. I simply want to share 14 subtleties of the analytical method below that you may or may not have taught before. Hope they’re of interest/use!

1.The balance between a tentative and confident style in analysis.

Phrases like ‘perhaps’ ‘suggests ‘ implies ‘ indicates’ ‘could’ are all obviously preferable to ‘This shows’ or ‘This means’, but when is too much? When do students start to sound uncertain within analysis?

I have emphasised to my groups the need to sound confident and ‘assured’ to begin with in the PEA in analysis with phrases like ‘

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