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Everyday is a winding road
I get a little bit closer

Prince – Everyday Is A Winding Road – Rave Un2 The Joy Fantastic

Possible Solutions to some issues faced:

  1. “1000 X’s & O’s”  – A little help for Edexcel Component 1- Fiction
  2. “1000 X’s & O’s”  – A little help for Edexcel Component 2 – Non-Fiction
  3. “Adore” A little help teaching poetry.
  4. “All The Critics Love U In New York” – A little help with group work/activities!
  5. “Alphabet St” – A little help with Literacy.
  6. “Baby I’m a Star”  – A little help with my most requested shares.
  7. “Betcha by Golly Wow” – A little help with extracts and articles for exam spec.
  8. “Chaos And Disorder” – A little help ideas for new staff with units/AO
  9. “Damned if I Do” – A little help with marking and feedback 
  10. “Deconstruction” – A little help with Examiner Top Tips and Comments
  11. “Extraordinary” – A little help with some of my favourite twitter steals
  12. “Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful”  – A little help with KS3 interventions
  13. “Get Yo Groove On” – A little help with KS4 interventions and strategies
  14. “Gold” – A little help with… where I have gone wrong!
  15. “Let’s Work” – A little help with planning lessons/resources
  16. “Reflection” (part 1) – A little help with raising the bar/standards at KS3
  17. “Resolution” – A little help with Cover
  18. “Revelation” – A little help with why we shouldn’t (& don’t) teach extracts 
  19. “Saviour” – A little help with English teachers to follow
  20. “Slave” – AQA Paper 1 – A little help with AQA Eng language 8700 paper 1
  21. “Slave” – AQA Paper 2 – A little help with AQA Eng language 8700 paper 2
  22. “Strange Relationship” – A little help with home/school communication
  23. “The Question of U” – A little help with useful lists I’ve compiled 
  24. “Time” – A little help with the subtlety of English language

Guest Blogs I’ve written

1. One literacy lead suggests how we can reconcile the differences in approach of KS2 and KS3 literacy five-ways-end-ks2-ks3-literacy-arguments

2. End-of-year ‘fun’ lessons are often a waste of students’ precious time – we need to engage them in a way that means they are still learning, says one English teacher’ Throw fun out of the window

3. When everything is going wrong, middle leaders need to be able to carry on and hold everything together. How to keep the plates spinning as a middle leader 


This first link is a MUST, Nick’s collected an amazing bibli-lography of English teaching blogs.

Here’s some just a few blogs I enjoyed reading:




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